Georgetown University Medical Center – Engagement of Minors

To comply with the Protection of Minors Policy, please complete the following:

Before a non-Georgetown student who is a minor (under the age of 18) may be hired as an employee or paid intern, the requirements of Georgetown University’s Protection of Minors Policy must be met. The Supervisor of the minor employee is required to notify the Office of Compliance and Ethics at and provide the following information:

  • the minor’s name;
  • the name and net ID of the Supervisor;
  • the name of the department;
  • the intended employment start date (and end date, if it is a term position);
  • and a brief description of the work the minor will be doing.

The Office of Compliance and Ethics will advise the Supervisor of his/her obligations under the Protection of Minors Policy.

Review the GUMC hiring procedures specific to the Medical Center.

The following forms must be submitted to the Human Resources Department when hiring a Non-Georgetown student who is a minor:

Note: District of Columbia law imposes requirements and restrictions on the employment of minors, including a work permit requirement and a prohibition on the employment of those under the age of 14. See HR Policy # 206: Employment of Minors.

Parental Consent Form:
A Parental Consent Form is required for all minor volunteers or unpaid interns working at GUMC. The Supervisor must complete the work activities portion of the form, which must then be signed by the parent or legal guardian. The completed form must be sent to the hiring department’s HR Contact. 

Building Access and Schedules:
Minors will not be permitted access to GUMC buildings during weekends after 6:00 p.m. unless accompanied by their supervisor and with prior approval from the Department Chair. In addition, all minors working in laboratory settings must have an established schedule (as outlined in the Job Description for Minors) that identifies what hours they will be in the laboratory setting. Under most circumstances, minors not enrolled in a post-secondary degree-granting program are not permitted access to the Department of Comparative Medicine’s facility (RRF). Minors are not to perform husbandry tasks. The Director of DCM, in consultation with the Director of EHS, must approve all exceptions to this requirement.